Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mammalia, the warm blooded ones!

Cute furry critters
Sporadically woolly too
Tasty mammal treats

Mammalia, Tasty. And no comments about "oooo its not a fcuking haiku, it's got 8 syllables in the second line" bollocks. That last "a" is "swallowed" so not actually pronounced. That, and I don't care. Since no one comments anyway. It makes me feel all alone and really quite vulnerable, you utter, utter pri......

If you don't like it, post your own damn haikus! Yeah. Go on. Dare you. DARE YOU.....DARE YOU

I have to hunt and gather ex-cute furry, woolly or maybe feathered critters.

1 comment:

Gibscot said...

You're making me hungry! My dogs and I salivate watching Snow Geese fly by...ooh for a shot gun...;D