Friday, 4 July 2008

Beer. Beer will solve all my problems!

Wacky Japanese
Poems with odd syllables
Flim-flam intellect

That's right. Time for Fridays review of our National intellectual challenges.

People are complaining about lifting the amount of water able to be traded so the Federal Government can buy it back to use it for Murray Darling environmental flows. There's irony there somewhere.

Departments are hesitant to spend money on training their staff, but are happy to toss lots of dollars for a 3 hour self-congratulatory-pat-on-the-back-piss-up or blow millions on a new ticketing system that we don't really need and hasn't even been successfully tested. There's irony there too...

And for the final irony, we're heading out to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch on American Independence Day...

Oh the irony...

Well. That's enough bitching.

Three Ravens Brewery is having a beer launch this arvo. Good stuff! Come along if you like! Great beer. Cheap. Beer. Beer.....what a wonderful word. Beer. Soothing and foamy, and I get more attractive and funny after every pint!

Get back to work.