Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Oh the Confusion....

Huffle is confused
Boy or girl or cat or dog
Decide you hussy!

Nothing to do with lunch, but I don't care.

Now, for not Monday's sluightly dull and unimportant facts....

I don't like Mondays, and I cedrtainly I don't like Don Maclean's American Pie song. Modonna butchered it further. It was ironic - I was happy that Modonna made a hash job of the song and made it sound disgusting, but sad that it revived the garbage.

But, like every other teenager, I learnt the lyrics, all of them. It hurt. But what the hell has it got to do with Buddy Holly dying? And what's the Chevy/levve bit about? So here are some uninteresting sort of facts:

Buddy Holly died in a aeroplane crash, during a snowstorm, on 3rd February, 1959. Rumour has it that the plane was called American Pie. Another rumour suggests that Buddy Holly dated a Miss America chick during a pageant and broke up with her on 3 February, 1959. I can see it now, plumiting to earth in an aeroplane, telling some bird that it just wasn't working for him and....splat....

As an aside, Don Maclean wasn't a paperboy, so he didn't deliver newspapers. Maybe he should have. Supposedly it's a reference to Buddy Holly's only otther job other than being a musician.
Now, the car and levee bit - it's thought to be a reference to a murder of 3 black college students, which became the subject of "Mississippi Burning" They were buried in a levee.Good for them. Watch the movie, it's supposed to be good.

The next bit about good ol' boys get pissed on whisky and rye singing "this'll be the day that I die"etc etc etc boring boring boring, is supposed to be a reference to all 3 singers who died in the crash (Buddy, Richie and Jiles - aka the "Big Bopper") having a bit of a sing song about their own deaths. In "That'll be the Day" there's a line "That'll be the day that I die". I don't really think either of the three were really thinking about it so much as they spread their remains orver a considerably large area.

Now, personally, I don't think Little Don thought about it that much, and because it became a hit in 1972, I have a feeling it may have had something more to do with mind altering drugs, or disco. I reckon it was disco.

So, the moral - don't end your name in "ie" - let's all be grateful that little Johnie Farnham changed it to just plain "John". And don't do drugs. They give you runny poo (Thankyou Homeowners!)



PPS Great segue don't you think? Segue. Stupid word.

PPPS Reminds me of that joke "What's the difference between a musician and a family pizza?"

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